The Mississippi River Challenge for
Rett Syndrome & Leukodystrophy

- Beginning May 10, 2003 at Itasca State Park, Minnesota, 6 AM Sharp!-

A 2,348 Mile Marathon to Support a Marathon of Research Needed to Combat Deadly Diseases That Can Affect Any Of Us!

Bob Bradford, forward position, Clark Eid, in the back, approaching L & D 24


You Can Help


    Back Of Shirt will look something like:

    The Mississippi Challenge
    For Rett Syndrome and


    Front of Shirt will have a small map of the Mississippi River, the phrase "World Record Attempt" and the phrase "2,348 miles"

    To support research and the road crew buy a T-Shirt from:

    O'Fallon, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri area by Stan Hanson and Bill Pullen

    New Haven, Wallingford, Meriden, Cheshire, Hartford area in Connecticut by Mary Potter and Clark Eid

    Lansing, Michigan area by Bob Bradford (please note the Bradford's will be available to sell shirts after June 5, they are all at the race!)

    Aitken, Minnesota and at the Headwaters of the Mississippi prior to the race (race dinner) by Tammy Hanson

    Minneapolis, MN area by Andrew Gribble (Andrew is also on the road crew until June 5 or so, please check with him after that date to buy a shirt from him)

    New Orleans, Louisana by Desiree Loeb-Guth during and at the end of the race (at the New Orleans dinner)

    Contact us is you would like to buy one and do not live in these areas.

    Do you have a child or person you care for who has Rett Syndrome or Leukodystrophy and want to raise money for research for the RSRF or UL? Consider buying a large number of T-Shirts at cost and sell them at your local fundraiser, school, church etc. and send the proceeds to Rett Syndrome Research Founation and/or the United Leukodystrophy Foundation!


    Do you have a connection to Rett Syndrome or a Leukodystrophy? Contact your local newspaper and radio station and tell them about how you and your family are affected by Rett Syndrome or Leukodystrophy and tell them about this charity event. Encourage them to write an article for your local paper or mention it on the radio!


    Print out our Race Hand Outs and share them with your neighbors, friends, families, favorite grocery store, church.... just help get the word out!

    Poster Series - 3 page poster, includes race logo, pictures of paddlers and Mississippi River, gives some details about the Missisippi River, lists website and websites for charities

    Handout 1 - 1 Page Poster - Overview of Race and Race Course, Logo, Mississippi River map, Websites, Pictures of the paddlers, Race Crew Captain and Race Advisor

    Handout 2 - 1 Page Poster - Overview of Race and Race Course, Logo, Mississippi River map, Websites, Overview of Rett Syndrome, Overview of Leukodystrophy



Donate directly to Research by Donating to Rett Syndrome Research Foundation and/or the United Leukodystrophy Foundation Charities

Letter of Appeal

Do you have a child with Rett Syndrome or a family member with a Leukodystrophy? Write a letter of appeal to your family and friends, using this event as a platform to increase awareness and encourage donations to research to the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation and the United Leukodystrophy Foundation. Consider using a pledge sheet "per mile" for donations - even a penny per mile adds up quickly!

Donate to the United Leukodystrophy Foundation and the Rett Syndrome Research Fund through Your Employer's Annual United Way Campaign

Still want to help, but not sure how? Please contact us!